Friday, 9 June 2017

Opening time at the Cinema

sketched out plans 
all drawn out and ready to paint

all done
There is an old cinema, The Orion,  in Burgess Hill which has bucked the trend and still shows films, but its future is under threat from a big multi screen that is due to be built nearby.
I have a vivid memory of queueing for this cinema with my sister on a hot day in the school summer holidays, waiting for the doors to open, and hoping we would get in. We would probably have had a box of smarties or fruit pastilles, bought from the nearby sweet shop on the way.
Here is the day, reimagined in pen and watercolour.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

A big family gathering for a picnic in the park

planning the painting, mustn't forget anyone

the finished family portrait, just a few changes from the sketch

A family portrait is such a personal gift, and this was one big family! I had lots of photographs to work from and worked out a way to fit everyone in to one big picture in my sketchbook. Once the family were happy with the sketch I went ahead with a larger version on heavy watercolour paper.
This one measures just over 60cm across.
Happy Birthday to the Dad of the family, I hope that this is a good surprise!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

LyndseySmith: Inifinity in the North Laine - steps to a painting...

LyndseySmith: Inifinity in the North Laine - steps to a painting...: initial sketch in A4 Seawhite sketch book drawing out on heavyweight Bockingford paper drawn out in pen, bigger and ready for co...

Inifinity in the North Laine - steps to a painting

initial sketch in A4 Seawhite sketch book
drawing out on heavyweight Bockingford paper
drawn out in pen, bigger and ready for colour

I usually start with the colours of the building

grounding helps, and I decide on a sky and shadows
its the last details that take the longest
Infinity Foods stands on a corner of the North Laine in Brighton, a busy buzzy area that is great for a wander, and something to eat. Exciting shops, always something different. And plenty of seagulls!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

a painting to remember the family home

Before downsizing from the family home, a gift from the children and grandchildren to the parents was this family portrait to remember happy days getting together and playing in the garden. The couple had also recently celebrated a landmark anniversary, and the cake is behind. Rough plan to finished painting, there were a few changes but not much, don't forget the family cat!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A wedding at Anne of Cleves House

A commissioned Family Portrait recently finished in watercolour, to remember a wedding celebration at Anne of Cleves House in Lewes.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sunshine and Sunflowers in France

first plans in sketch book

drawing out on thick watercolour paper

finished painting

sunshine and sunflowers! detail
Here is the development of a commission from last spring, to bring a little sunshine to the blog (especially as I am working away on snowy paintings at the moment!)
this couple love to walk and cycle on holidays in the Vendee, France. The sunflowers were a joy to paint!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

A painting for the Season at Glyndebourne

all planned out in pencil

pick out the lines in pen

when the watercolours go on it becomes less of a muddle of line
all finished!

close up on some of the characters

Last summer Chalk Gallery artists visited Glyndebourne Opera House, and we had an exhibition of work inspired by our visit. For me it had to be the picnickers on the lawn! They were all drawn from my imagination, apart from a few characters in their costume and a couple based on Danielle De Niese and Gus Christie with their faithful friends. Cheers!

This painting has recently been printed as a jigsaw puzzle and is sold to raise money for the friends of Eastbourne Hospital.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The story of a greetings card for Leeds Castle, Kent

I sat by the castle and sketched, it was late in the day and so peaceful

my first sketch. I knew there would be more characters, just not sure how many at this point

when I sketched it out I gradually added more...literally cutting and pasting to get them all in!
then I worked from my sketch to draw it all out again on Bockingford watercolour paper

and then the paint went on!
a close up on the characters. Leeds, castle of queens

I was happy to be commissioned by Leeds castle to produce a painting that could be sold as a greetings card in their shop. I hadn't been to the castle before, so made my way over with sketchbook one sunny afternoon. Getting lost on the way I arrived late in the day, and was only able to sketch from across the lake. It was beautifully warm and peaceful.
I worked from my photographs and memories of my visit to produce the sketch, gradually building up the characters. Leeds is famous as the castle of Queens. I had them all in there, taking a selfie. Henry and Catherine of Aragon lived there for a while, and in more recent times the castle was owned by Lady Baillie, and her lovely dogs.
Now it is open to the public, and has lots of events, huge grounds, including a golf course, weddings, punting, jousting, a fabulous Christmas market, fireworks, flower festivals and more. see to find out.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

No worries at the Brighton Beer Dispensary

initial rough sketch of the painting..notes to self
all drawn out again on watercolour paper
the first colours go on and the painting comes alive again

I was commissioned to paint the Brighton Beer Dispensary by a regular. He wanted to have his friends from the pub included too. I was sent a collection of photographs of the people and placed them all together for this busy day at the pub. There is a copy hanging up in the pub if ever you go there, and I hear that the roasts in there have won national awards : )

Friday, 31 March 2017

Developing a header for a website

first thoughts doodled in a sketchbook

I took the elements from the first sketch and laid them out again

Redrawn and painted in watercolour

Here is a recent illustration to be used on a website. I find that often I can lay out my first ideas in my Seawhites sketchbook while sitting in front of the telly, and these will end up being the basis of the finished piece. Here you can see the development, from first thought to final artwork.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Planning a family portrait

initial sketch in my Seawhite sketchbook

The finished portrait

Here is one of this year's commissions. The layout and colours are planned out in my sketchbook and I then have something to show to the family and make changes as necessary. It isn't always easy to tell how heights compare for example!
The sketchbook has cartridge paper which absorbs the paint quite differently and dries quicker. It makes the paper crinkle and the paint puddles. I love the effect this gives but it would look a bit too bumpy in a frame. The final painting is made on very thick Bockingford watercolour paper. The paints are the same in each case, Winsor and Newton artists watercolours.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Developing a painting of The Swan pub, Lewes

the sketch in my A4 Seawhite sketch book

drawn out at twice the size on heavy Bockingford watercolour paper
base colours added
and then the colourpops! the finished painting

Here is the development of a recent painting ready to be exhibited at Chalk Gallery, Lewes.
The Swan pub, sits on a busy junction at the top of a hill in Lewes, on one of the very old routes out of town. Once a blacksmith worked behind the pub, and beer was brewed across the road.

A comission for a present

All drawn out and ready to colour in


I am regularly painting house and family portraits to be given as presents. These often include pets or toys...and this one included a whole host of them!